Ep. 30 – Summer of Four Plays

Over the summer of 2022, between mid-May and Mid-September, I am attempting an ambitious challenge. I plan to create four distinct theatre projects completely from scratch. Due to the nature of my lifestyle (full time dad, other projects, travel, etc.) and practicality of the time available to me, this challenge is well outside my comfort zone. Updates to come on whether I succeed or not.

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Ep. 26 – Pillow Message

Just wanted to share this little concept I stumbled upon the other day… Pillow Message. Coined by literary agent Adam Chromy, a pillow message is a short, pithy statement one might broadcast on a t-shirt, a bumper sticker or have embroidered on a throw pillow. It tends to be a microscopic glimpse of a person’s life philosophy.

I thought it might be a neat tool for a playwright to draw upon when creating a character. Additionally, it could help shine a light on how a character’s perspective might tie in to a theme in the play.

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Ep. 25 – Goal Conflict

Listening to an episode of the Freakonomics podcast the other day, I was introduced to the concept of Goal Conflict. I have some thoughts on it.

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CHOP ebook promo (if you can’t see it, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/IVKVpI6qvfg)

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Ep. 24 – Changing Productivity

I have been thinking about the systems (or lack of systems) of productivity that I have used in the past. I am also considering where I am now and the process I currently use to produce creative projects. I can probably do better…

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For info on Paul Stein and to see when he has his next workshop visit: https://www.paulstein.net/

Ep. 15 – Countering Idea Debt

Idea debt is a concept coined by graphic novelist Kazu Kibuishi. The concept could be described as holding onto ideas until they lose their luster and the psychic weight that comes with the burden of hanging onto them. We tell ourselves we’ll get around to this or that idea, and a backlog forms, putting us further and further into this creative sense of debt.

In this episode, I talk about this concept and some steps that can be taken to counter it.


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Here’s a link to Jessica Abel’s podcast Out on the Wire, where I first heard about Kazu Kibuishi’s phrase Idea Debt… HERE



Ep. 14 – Influences Both Immediate and Grand

In this special episode I welcome my colleague Jeff Hernandez as we discuss our immediate obsessions as well as people that have had a wider influence on us as artists.

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If you wanna check out the Bike Soccer Jamboree Podcast that Jeff and I recently ended, here’s the LINK.

Ep. 13 – The Structure of Comedy

A little talk about Comedy as a genre of theatre and how the structure of it has changed through the centuries.

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Here’s a link to Christopher Booker’s great book: Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories

Ep. 12 – Fringe Touring and Not Losing Sight of the Forest for the Trees

There’s an old adage that one should not lose sight of the forest for the trees. It basically means one shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. This certainly true of fringe touring.

I have been traveling around to present my shows – ones I write and perform myself – to “fringe” theatre festivals all over North America in the last several years. I have observed within myself, and in others, how difficult it can be to keep the real reasons one is at the festival in the first place in mind, especially once one is in a new city and in the midst of a big arts festival. A fringe fest can feel overwhelming sometimes.

In this episode I talk about how difficult, but how necessary, it is to keep one’s eye on the prize. Once at a festival, after travel and preparation and all the energy to get the show up on its feet, the impetus is to relax a little. To retreat a bit away from the less fun responsibilities (or opportunities) which are often the real reasons for even coming to that festival. I cover the uncomfortable importance of marketing, of choosing to network and of maintaining a really high production quality among other tips and techniques.


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Ep. 7 – Finding Time For Creative Work

In this episode, I talk about how artists need uninterrupted spans of time to do focused creative work. And I mention what I’m doing nowadays since I don’t have uninterrupted spans of time.

[NOTE: This episode was originally released November 5, 2017 via SoundCloud. I am re-releasing the first season of episodes here on this site.]

Ep. 3 – Choose The Struggle

Writing a play is difficult. Writing a full-length play is very difficult. The difficulty is part of what makes it fun.

[NOTE: This episode was originally released September 26, 2017 via SoundCloud. I am re-releasing the first season of episodes here on this site.]