Ep. 12 – Fringe Touring and Not Losing Sight of the Forest for the Trees

There’s an old adage that one should not lose sight of the forest for the trees. It basically means one shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. This certainly true of fringe touring.

I have been traveling around to present my shows – ones I write and perform myself – to “fringe” theatre festivals all over North America in the last several years. I have observed within myself, and in others, how difficult it can be to keep the real reasons one is at the festival in the first place in mind, especially once one is in a new city and in the midst of a big arts festival. A fringe fest can feel overwhelming sometimes.

In this episode I talk about how difficult, but how necessary, it is to keep one’s eye on the prize. Once at a festival, after travel and preparation and all the energy to get the show up on its feet, the impetus is to relax a little. To retreat a bit away from the less fun responsibilities (or opportunities) which are often the real reasons for even coming to that festival. I cover the uncomfortable importance of marketing, of choosing to network and of maintaining a really high production quality among other tips and techniques.


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